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Interior & Exterior Painting

Receive a Local Painters Quote in Viginia Beach,Chesapeake,Norfolk and Portsmouth today we have some the best rated House Painters in the Hampton Roads area are highly skilled professionals are just a click away.It always amazes me how a fresh coat of paint can change the dynamics and feel of a home. Some Painting Services include spraying, rolling, brushing, faux finishing, custom painting and marbleizing. Interior painting is a specialized trade and can seem easy when watching a pro perform his or her tasks. Take my advice though it's not as easy as it appears. Hiring a Professional Painter can make a big difference when you beautify your home. A Professional Painter will have detailed knowledge when it comes to colors and what colors compliment each other. They also have mastered painting techniques that will beautify your rooms.Some techniques include not having to use tape to make straight brush lines. Also rolling should always be done evenly and smoothly, no lines or marks should be showing when the paint is dry. Let HomePro Masters find the best Interior Painting Contractors in your area who has already mastered these techniques.How much should interior painting REALLY cost? For a basic 1000 sq. ft. project, the cost to Paint the interior of a house should average between a $1.00 to $2.00 per sf. Custom Painting $3.00sf. to $4.00sf.Skilled exterior painting contractors know that the biggest part of the job is the preparation. Professional painters will always take the necessary steps when completing a project.Beginning with the priming of all of the bare surfaces to the application of the final top coat, they will also caulk around windows, doors and any areas which may have penetrated into the body of the home. Our local painters should always inform the customer when it comes to moisture damage or any other signs that may affect the outcome of a professional paint job. All of these procedures will ensure you get the best looking exterior paint job possible. If you want to begin to transform your home into the best looking home on the block, know that with HomePro Masters you are only a click away.